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Winter Warmer

In response to Covid-19 Grape Arts were commissioned by the LBBD Summer of Festivals team to create the Winter Warmer workshop booklet, with the aim to reach as many care settings across the borough as possible. (Whilst we were unable to deliver our workshops in person, due to COVID-19) 


The Winter Warmer featured six premade workshops, spanning artforms, from Poetry, Craft, Drama Roleplay to Music and Sensory exploration. This booklet was a resource for care staff to help bring joy and the arts into settings during a very challenging time. 

Alongside this booklet we produced six filmed workshops. These videos were produced to be played directly to participants, taking the pressure off busy care staff to deliver all the content in the Winter Warmer. It was very important to us that we create a project for care staff to access with ease whilst they navigated the COVID-19 Pandemic.