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'Grape Arts ran a successful intergenerational workshop during our Afternoon Social event as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2018. They designed a workshop based around our theme of local heritage, arts and dance. Poppy and Grace used materials on Norfolk to support connections between young students and our Age UK clients. The table was abuzz with atmosphere and conversation, and we have received positive feedback about the session. We hope to work with Grape Arts again in the future.'
Rachel Stevenson
Team Manager
Independence Matters
Harford Hill
Very person-centred.
Caring and friendly.
Connected well with people.
Very calm and patient.
Relaxed, warm and friendly.
Interesting structure – combining personal customer memories with reminiscence, art and craft.
Nice that there was something tangible to take home and keep the memory alive – had an end result in mind
'Was very nice to have you at Ivy Court.
The residents really enjoyed your session , was a very good interaction with them. Some residents are asking me when you are coming back , because they think they are benefiting from your session.'
Wellbeing coordinator
Ivy Court Nursing Home
Lots of 1:1 work.
Lovely that all the materials were provided.
Stella Sheldon
Community Outreach Officer
Age UK Norwich